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Welcome to CPU Grade; the newest and most user-friendly method for obtaining technical specifications and comparing statistics of central processors.

Spring/Summer 2017 Update

Throughout spring and summer, new content will be added regularly to the website as part of our large ongoing update process.

What to Expect Next...

What processors are scheduled to be added next? Check out below!

  • AMD A-Series — Bristol Ridge; Carrizo; Godavari; Llano; Kaveri; Richland; Stoney Ridge; Trinity
  • AMD FirePro — Trinity
  • AMD Ryzen 3 — Raven Ridge; Summit Ridge
  • APU-based AMD Athlon — Bristol Ridge; Carrizo; Godavari; Llano; Kaveri; Richland; Trinity
  • APU-based AMD Sempron — Llano; Richland; Trinity
  • Intel Celeron G — Kaby Lake-S
  • Intel Core i3 — Kaby Lake-S
  • Intel Core i5 — Kaby Lake-S; Skylake-H
  • Intel Core i7 — Kaby Lake-X
  • Intel Pentium G — Kaby Lake-S

How It Works

Processors are graded based on performance, compute power, efficiency, electrical requirements and integrated graphics. Each processor is graded respective to three separate scenarios — against the entire market segment (consumer, mobile or server), against the same processor family on the same platform, and lastly, against the same processor family, inclusive of all platforms.

Intel and AMD desktop and laptop processors are the highest priority while the website is starting up, and more vendors and platforms will be added as it progresses. Server processors are third priority, while smartphone and tablet processors are expected to be added last.

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