Website Requirements

Extensive testing has been carried out to ensure that our website is accessible on as many variations of device as possible. The latest theme also incorporates ARIA labels which allows the website to partially conform to the WebAIM Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 at Level AAA.

Display Resolution Support

The following display resolution widths are supported by the mobile theme:

  • 240* pixels and greater.

The following display resolution widths are supported by the desktop theme:

  • 1,024 pixels and greater.

* Display widths smaller than 640 pixels may experience incompatibilities with displaying microprocessor information inside performance metric graphs. This is by design so as to prioritize the legibility of the metric figures themselves. Additionally, the planned comparison feature will require display widths of at least 640 pixels to display the data side-by-side correctly.

Web Browser Support

The following web browsers are supported:

  • Apple Safari 5.1+
  • Google Chrome 4+
  • Microsoft Edge 12+
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+ (8+*)
  • Mozilla Firefox 4+
  • Opera 11.5+

In addition, the following embedded web browsers are also supported:

  • Microsoft Xbox 360 (Microsoft Internet Explorer for Xbox)
  • Microsoft Xbox One (Microsoft Edge)
  • Nintendo Wii browser
  • Nintendo Wii U browser
  • Sony PlayStation 3 browser
  • Sony PlayStation 4 browser

* While Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 is supported, due to the lack of support for media queries, this version of the web browser will be served the mobile theme. For the most part, however, website functionality will remain identical.

Mobile Device Support

The following mobile device platforms are supported:

  • Apple iOS 4.0+
  • BlackBerry 7+
  • Google Android 3.0+
  • Microsoft Windows Phone 7+

Web Technology Requirements

The following web technologies are required:

  • JavaScript enabled. *
  • Support for CSS3

* Some sections of the website may not function correctly if JavaScript is disabled.